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King Salman, Ahok and a historic handshake, which has become a trending topic

King Salman, Ahok and a historic handshake, which has become a trending topic. The king also enjoy a holiday in Bali more than a week. 
Salman, a king who had a great influence in the Arabian Peninsula and around the Middle East has been to Indonesia to reciprocate the visit Jokowi, the President of Indonesia. The state visit is not only a state visit and business affairs, but the extraordinary event occurs because the king bring a group of more than 1500 people, consisting of the Arab princes, ministers and Arab businessmen.
Ahok, King Salman, Raja Salman, Bali, Jokowi, Ahok salaman Salman, holiday in Bali,
                                             From left to right: Jokowi, Raja Salman & Ahok. Image:

This visit is very historic because it is the first visit since 47 years ago, when King Faisal visited Jakarta, Indonesia. When arriving at Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport on March 1, 2017, Raja Salman greeted by Jokowi and the ministers, and Jakarta Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja which is known as Ahok.

There followed a moment of important and interesting because Raja Salman shook Ahok, where the king smiled warmly when the king met with Ahok. It seems that the Arab king had heard the achievements and performance of Ahok as governor in Jakarta.

The events of the handshake between the King with Ahok have a conversation for days, have even discussed a few days before the arrival of King Salman. Photos, videos and news about these moments become a trending topic on various social media, either pro or con. Ahok respond to important events with ease.

Apart from the story Ahok and the king, it is very interesting is the visit of King Salman for a vacation on the island of Bali, a popular tourist destination in the world. Bali became his choice, because he wanted to enjoy the beauty of the beaches in Bali, watching the sunrise, and of course a close look at the Balinese people are friendly. The King also enjoy arts and cultural activities in Bali.
Ahok, King Salman, Raja Salman, Bali, Jokowi, Ahok salaman Salman, holiday in Bali,
                                             Raja Salman greeted with Pendet in Bali. Image:
Arriving in Bali, the king greeted with performances Pendet at Ngurah Rai International Airport. The dance was created by artists in Bali to welcome important guests such as the President, the Prime Minister, the Queen and King. King Salman was very happy to get a warm welcome during a vacation in Bali.
Ahok, King Salman, Raja Salman, Bali, Jokowi, Ahok salaman Salman, holiday in Bali,
                                       Hotels in Geger Beach, where King Salman stay in Bali. Image:
What is interesting, because the King was very pleased with the holiday in Bali, it turns out he is extending his vacation of six days with an additional 3 days. It is true, Bali is a beautiful island with a variety of unique aspects of culture, arts, customs, and had a beautiful view with variations such as beaches, mountains, rice fields, lakes, local and international food. Bali has been a tourist destination for a variety of purposes such as a honeymoon, adventure, learning to cook, spiritual tourism, water sports, cultural tours, and so on.

Let's see this interesting video for reference, so you can visit Bali in the near future as King Salman and Arab princes. 


Viral Video of Flashmob Ahok Djarot campaign

Real viral video. Wow. Amazing Flashmob of Ahok Djarot Campaign Video Shooting at Citos, Jakarta by Sys NS collaborating with famous artists and loyal supporters of Ahok Djarot. Let's HIP HIP HURA. Please watch & share

This video is dedicated to Djarot Ahok campaign, candidates for governor and vice governor of Jakarta for the elections in 2017. Are you ready to vote for a new Jakarta? This video will be streamed viral on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. This video will be the greatest viral video in Indonesia.
Ahok Djarot, Ahok, viral video, flashmob, flasmobkotak2, Video AhokDjarot, pilkada Jakarta, tetap Ahok
Ahok Djarot video shooting at Citos, Jakarta. Image:
Are you a campaign manager for a candidate for governor or president of your country? You can make this flashmob video as inspiration, so that the candidate you will get new voters. You can reach voters has not decided to choose one of any candidate.

Flashmob in this video could also be an inspiration for the campaign of high-tech products such as smartphones, laptops, television UHD, can even promote other products, so that you can reach the market more quickly than a normal campaign. 

Let's watch this video. If you like, remember to share to all my friends and family are certainly scattered in various social media. 

From Indonesia with OM TELOLET OM

From Indonesia with OM TELOLET OM. As we know, OM TELOLET has become a global event, it is very entertaining the users of social media. OM TELOLET OM has also created a new creativity in music, business and politics.

Perhaps you know more about Bali than Indonesia. In fact, Bali is a beautiful island located in Indonesia. The location of this island lies between Java and Lombok. However, thanks to the "OM TELOLET OM", the name of Indonesia as a country now more famous than ever.

Madness of OM TELOLET OM is originated from fad teenagers or young people in Java that screams "OM TELOLET OM" when the bus passed through their town. They asked the bus driver that pressing the horn button to sound out "TELOLET", which has now been internationally recognized. Om word meaning uncle, so the sentence can be translated OM OM TELOLET: Uncle please make sounds Telolet.

OM TELOLET OM OM can be freely translated, that young people were asking uncle (the driver) bus to honk, so they heard TELOLET. You can say as "Uncle please press your klaxon". After that, they will be very happy and relieved after working or studying in the school. It has now been proven that in order to enjoy the happiness is very simple. Just say "OM TELOLET OM" 
OM TELOLET OM, Ahok, Sandiaga Uno, OM TELOLET OM video, OM TELOLET OM remix, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, Indonesia, Java
OM TELOLET OM in social media. Image:

As a result of "TELOLET" This has aroused the creativity in areas such as music mix made famous DJs like DJ Snake by featuring Marshmello, and make the world entertained. President Obama also singing on his account, as well as sports celebrities, artists, and hundreds of millions of social media users. Are you one of them? If yes, then you are very lucky.
OM TELOLET OM, Ahok, Sandiaga Uno, OM TELOLET OM video, OM TELOLET OM remix, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, Indonesia, Java
OM TELOLET OM, Ahok, Sandiaga Uno, OM TELOLET OM video, OM TELOLET OM remix, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, Indonesia, Java
Ahok (above) & Sandiaga Uno. Image:

Epidemics of TELOLET OM OM also impact on a business opportunity, even the world of campaign a candidate for governor in Jakarta, Indonesia. Candidates for governor, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok was photographed holding the paper with OM TELOLET OM, as well Sandiaga Uno, the challenger made a video by mimicking the action of OM TELOLET OM. Whether their behavior will attract the sympathy of new   voters (swing voters or Undecided voters)?  

If you want to get a high-quality klaxon, you should go to Java and buy a klaxon with the most unique sounds. The craftsmen klaxon on the island is very skilled with this TELOLET business.

All right, let's see a video compilation of this global event. If you care, let's share this information to anyone you know through your social media. A wise man said that it was wonderful variety that can be done by human beings. 


Topeng Monyet a real street monkey dance in Jakarta

Tari Topeng Monyet, Topeng Monyet, Monkey dance, Jakarta, animal video, funny video, animal planet, animal kingdom, monkey, street dance
Topeng Monyet in Jakarta. Image:
Tari Topeng Monyet or Monkey Masked Dance is a very popular street dance in Jakarta, Indonesia, although it's very rare these days to be able to be found. This happens because there is a ban on the Jakarta Government to exploit the monkeys to be "singers". The aim is to protect monkeys from commercial action detrimental to the welfare and happiness of monkeys. Let's watch this documentary video. 

This ban occurred since Jokowi become governor of Jakarta, Jokowi and now is president of Indonesia. Ahok has replaced Jokowi as governor, but the monkey mask dance was forbidden to be shown in the streets of Jakarta. Perhaps you can still see this dance in other areas such as Bekasi or Tangerang, which is not far from Jakarta.