Amazing video: Balinese kids playing Gender

Outstanding performances. Balinese kids playing Gender, Balinese classic music instruments at Pesta Kesenian Bali (PKB), Bali Arts Festival, 2014.

Gender (gəndɛr) is a metal percussion instruments (metallophone), which became part of the Balinese and Javanese gamelan. This tool has a 10 to 14 bar metal (brass) pitched hanging on beam, above resonator of bamboo or zinc, and tapped shaped roundabout bladed paddle of wood (Bali) or wood upholstered (Java). 

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Gender at Bali Arts Festival. Image:
The tone was different, depending on the scale used. In Javanese gamelan is complete, there are three gender: slendro, pelog pathet nem and five, and pelog pathet goods. 

Gender is usually played when there Wayang Kulit (shadow puppet). Gender is also shown in Hindu ritual activities. They will play this gender with a song called "Kekawin" or Kidung, from the classical era or ancient Bali.

To preserve the arts Gender, Government of Bali in recent years have included the Gender in competition. The competition was participated not only by adults, also attended by children who are still in elementary school. They appeared very remarkable. The competition is conducted every year in June, usually begins each June 14 for a month with various events, even there are many participants from other regions, and participants from abroad. You need a vacation to Bali, and enjoy the Bali Arts Festival (Pesta Kesenian Bali aka PKB). 

Let's look at this unique music on this video. If you are impressed, perhaps you need a special vacation to Bali, and take a class or workshop on "Gamelan" or "Gender", so you will have the knowledge and experience about Balinese traditional music. Bali is the last paradise.

Note: Gender shape resembles bronze in Balinese gamelan and slenthem on Javanese gamelan. 

Video by: I Gusti Ngurah Astika, +62 813 3810 1686 


Beautiful Balinese gamelan. A Balinese traditional music

Bali has many traditional art and unique cultures. You can enjoy a great holiday or adventure in Bali. One of the musical art that can be found in Bali is "Gender" or Gamelan that you can watch the puppet show or in a traditional Hindu ceremony on the island of the Gods.
Gamelan "Gender" Bali. Image:
 In the video below, you will hear and see the beauty of Balinese gamelan instruments, namely Gender, which is usually played by two players or four. They usually accompany a traditional Balinese puppeteer or Dalang (Wayang) or a singer. On this occasion, we present them in a format instrumental performances.

Gender or gamelan performances that you see in this video recorded at a ceremony in a Hindu temple, Pura Amarta Jati, South Jakarta, Indonesia; where the Balinese people living in Jakarta and surrounding areas. As a society that loves art and culture, they will bring as well as art, tradition and culture them anywhere, even you will discover the beauty of art and the traditions of Bali in Europe, for example in Belgium or Germany, and important places other world. 

Video by: Komang Setiabudi


Barongsai, fantastic Lion Dance performances in Jakarta, Indonesia

Chinese New Year celebration is a good time to watch the traditional Chinese dances like Barongsai or Lion Dance. Barongsai is a traditional dance by using gloves that resemble lions. Barongsai has a history of thousands of years. 

Based on the traditional belief of Chinese society, the lion is a symbol of courage, stability, and excellence. Traditional dance costume resembling lions also referred to as lion dance.
Barongsai, Lion Dance, Barongsai dance, Chinese arts, Chinese New Year, Imlek, Chinese culture, Wushu
Barongsai perforemances in Jakarta. Image:
Barongsai dance became popular in the South-North Dynasty, during the Nan Bei Dynasty era, circa 420-589 AD. At that time the army of the king of Song Wen Di overwhelmed by the assault troops of the elephant king Fan Yang Lin Yi country. A warlord named Zhong Que create derivative stuffed lion king Fan troops to repel it. It turns out that successful efforts to end the legendary lion dance until now.

That said, the lion dance performed to drive away evil spirits. Monsters, ghosts, demons like Nian (monster) frightened by loud noises. Barongsai not only can you see in China alone, now this dance you can watch almost all over the world, especially in the area of immigrants from China or in China town. You can also see this unique dance in Indonesia.

This beautiful dance is not only performed at the celebration of Chinese New Year or Imlek, but also for other activities such as the inauguration of hotels, malls, cultural attractions, and even performed in the way as you can see in this video.

Generally, there are two types of Lion, the Lion of the North and South Lion. North lion maned curls and quadrupeds. Northern Lion looks more natural and more like lions. Meanwhile, South Lions have scales as well as the number of legs varies between two or four legs. South lion's head is also equipped with a horn.

In doing game Barongsai, needed flair and dexterity that would be from the results of regular practice and perceptive in recognizing the field or arena play, because the game Barongsai must be carried out in all fields, or arena, or even in the field and is also in place which covers very minimalist.

In today's development Barongsai many types of attractions are combined with martial arts or Wushu, and make movements made into a beautiful and harmonious with the music sounds from musical instruments Barongsai. Even then, the game is actually harmony also be obtained from the results of the exercise are serious and discipline as well as introduction about Chinese culture in general.

There are many native Indonesia who studied Barongsai, and they danced together with the Chinese. This is a good tradition of mutual understanding between ethnic groups in Indonesia. Perhaps you will find this new tradition in your city. Mutual study and understand the culture, language, art or dance of other nations is a wonderful culture to facilitate interaction between nations, so that the world becomes a better place.

Video by Komang Setiabudi


Poda, beautiful Batak song. A meaningful message from father to son

As well as Bali, Java or Minangkabau, which has a tradition of a unique and wonderful art of Indonesian cultural diversity, which is so rich with sculpture, dance, and music, then you will find the art of singing in various regions of Indonesia. 

Similarly, indigenous peoples Batak, which is located in North Sumatra. They have a very strong tradition, for example in customs related to family, marriage, relationships between villages, social order, inheritance, and of course in the field of culture such as dance Batak and songs from Batak, which will make you amazed.
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Beautiful Toba Lake, Sumatera. Image:

Batak songs are generally well suited to be displayed at a family party, or wedding parties and other traditional events. They are very good at creating beautiful lyrics, entertaining, but there is always a certain meaning, for example, advice from parents to their children. 

There is a famous Batak song, titled Poda. This song is about a father who gives advice or a more appropriate message to his son, who would go wander to another city, for example, from one of the picturesque villages around Lake Toba to Jakarta.

The father gave his son a message that prayer life, well-behaved, polite, do not intend worse during fighting in the seacoast. Message father accompanied his son that in order to survive and succeed. As the oldest child, parental expectations to the son, would become the next generation who will protect his younger siblings.

The message was also meant to be a mandate, as well as the blessing of parents to his son. Poda, now is a song that must be sung at family events, particularly if there are parents who will release their children for success in college studies or any other country or city, which is certainly far from their homes.

Note: Poda song on this YouTube video is sung by Imelda Sipayung, who had a son, who is now studying at a university in the United States.

The original lyrics of Poda:

Angur do goarmi anak hon hu
Songon bunga bungai nahussusi
Molo marparange na denggan doho
Diluat nadaoi
Ipe ikkon benget ma ho
Jala pattun maradophon natua tua
Ai ido arta na ummarga i

Unang sai mian jat ni rohai
Dibagasan rohami
Ai ido mulani sikka mabarbar
Da hasian
Ipe ikkon ingot ma maho
Tangiang mi do parhitean mi
Dingolumi oh tondikku

Reff :
Ai damang do sijujung baringin
Di au amang mon….
Jala ho nama silehon dalan
Dianggi ibotomi
Ipe ingot maho amang
Dihata podakki
Asa taruli ho diluat

Molo dung sahat ho tu tano parjalangan mi
Marbarita ho amang
Asa tung pos rohani damang nang dainang mon
Ditano hatubuan mi

Poda song translation in English:

Your name is very fragrant, My Son
Like flowers, which are so fragrant
If you behave well, somewhere faraway
And must always remember
Through your prayer you ask
in life, O my soul mate

Do not store a malicious intent
in your heart
Because it is the base of the catastrophe, O Beloved
You have to be patient heart
And santunlah to older people
That's why precious treasure in life

You are the son of my crown, for I am your father's
Also you are the son that will give way
For men and women brother
Likewise remember my son on the word advice
That ye scintillating My son, in a faraway

If you've arrived at the ground perantauanmu
Send your news Son
So serene father and mother's heart
in your homeland

If you are interested in pursuing art or Batak culture, you can take a vacation to Lake Toba and surrounding villages. You will get a warm welcome from the Batak people, even happy they will invite you to sing and dance. You will get wonderful memories of your holidays and adventures in the Land of Batak. 

If you are a fan of karaoke, it seems you can find a tone, a song that was very popular. Let us sing together.


Reog Ponorogo an attractive dance in Indonesia

Gemblak, holiday in Indonesia, Reog dance, Tari Reog Ponorogo, Traditional dance, Traditional music, Warok,
Reog Dance of Ponorogo. Image:
Reog dance is a unique dance and was amazing. Reog is one of the artistic culture that originated from East Java, Indonesia, precisely in the northwest and Ponorogo regarded as hometown of Reog.  This dance is also decorated with traditional Javanese musical accompaniment very exciting, agile, and can make you want to join the dancers. Are you ready to rock? 

Ponorogo city gates decorated by Warok and Gemblak figure, two figures who have appeared at the time reog displayed. Reog is one of the local culture in Indonesia is still very thick with things that are mystical and powerful mysticism. 

This beautiful dance has also been claimed by Malaysia as their original art, and of course protested by the people of Indonesia.

If you are on vacation to the island of Java, then you can watch traditional dances, and also visited various sites and beautiful places in Indonesia. 

Let's watch this unique video now. 


Unchained Melody a beautiful theme song of Ghost, a romantic movie

Unchained Melody a beautiful romantic song and full of memories.
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Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost, a romantic movie. Image:
Unchained Melody song, Unchained Melody lyrics, Demi Moore haircut, Demi Moore Ghost, Patrick Swayze, Ghost the movie, YouTube video, love song
 Hairdo of Demi Moore in Ghost. Wow. Image:
Have you ever heard a song sung Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers? This beautiful song was launched in 1965 on the album titled "Just Once in My Life". 

If you have never heard, you can ask your grandfather or grandmother, who must have heard this melodic songs, with beautiful lyrics full of words of love from a man to his girlfriend. Of course you can buy this song in a music store in CD format.

If you are a fan of Demi Moore, then you can rent or buy a movie called Ghost. Demi starred in the film with Patrick Swayze. This wonderful film that is highly favored in the 90s, even the haircut of Demi Moore is a trend that is copied by women all over the world. I also really liked hairdo of the gorgeous Demi Moore in this film. Perhaps you also need to try it just once in your life to cut your hair, with Demi Moore-style model, as you can see in this photo. You definitely get the admiration of your lover.

If you buy a Blu-ray or DVD of the movie Ghost, then you will see a romantic movie with a very alluring story, but with a story that will make you thrilled, even you will cry. 


The beauty of traditional Chinese music played by harp

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Chinese traditional music played by harp. Image:
It is true that traditional music has many fans did not like modern music, but you will find a unique beauty to the ancient traditional arts of various tribes or nations in the world. 

You will admire the traditional music of Bali, India, Java, native in Europe or America, Africa, Australia and so on. On this occasion, you can watch the beauty of Chinese classical or traditional music, played by Joanne. She plays a Chinese classic songs with an original harp from China. Let's watch this video together.

                                   Joanne played Chinese traditional harp.

Have you got a new inspiration from the music played by Joanne? She is a traditional Chinese and professional harpist in Jakarta, Indonesia. I recorded this video on a wedding party in Jakarta. There are a lot of people fascinated by the way Joanne playing the harp. Of course, the Chinese classic song being played is also very beautiful, as you see the beauty of Joanne, the sweet girl with the harp.

As with other soft music, if you listen to music in the YouTube video, then you can make it as a therapy that will make you more calm, comfortable. Music like this can be used as the music of lullaby. Hopefully, this video can make you happy, and reduce your stress a little bit today. 


Ngaben ceremony, a Hindu cremation ritual in Bali. A journey into the next life

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Ngaben ceremony in Bali. Image:
Something that is certain in life is death. If you believe, then you have signed a contract with the Creator, God Almighty, which has determined the date and time of your death. It's just that you never know when the crucial moment it will happen, and you also do not know how you are going to leave this world.

For Hindus in Bali, a person's death is not the end of a person's life, because you will continue the journey to the next life. If you have never sinned, or perhaps a virtue you, and virtue (Dharma) you, more than sin (adharma) you all your life, then you will meet God the Merciful in Swarga Loka (Heaven), even you will united with God.

However, you were also believe, that you are never infallible, even you must have committed a sin, no matter how small your sins, you surely never committed a sin. That's why the family left behind by the deceased person, if you are a Hindu in Bali, then your offspring, or your family will host an important ceremony, a ritual called Ngaben or Pelebon.

In this video you will see when the cremation is done as part of a Ngaben ceremony in Bali. I hope you are inspired, that death is not the end of your life, but the beginning of a journey to the next life into a beautiful paradise.

Special massage services at a barbershop in Jakarta

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Welcome to barbershop in Jakarta. Image:
There are many men in this world who prefer to shave their hair in a barbershop rather than to the beauty salon. They feel more manly if shave the hair on the "proper place", and it is a barbershop. They will get services more typical, especially for men, where they not only cut their hair in order to look neat and cool.

Apparently, customers in a barbershop in Jakarta will get special services, where they received a special massage after completion of their hair cut. Wonder if they are addicted to a massage if they want to shave or smoothing their mustaches and beards. You can watch how good massage performed by barbers, as you can see in this video.

Is there any special massage service in your city like in Jakarta? 


Progress of Jakarta MRT project

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Jakarta MRT. Image:
Jakarta will soon have an MRT (Mass Rapid Transportation) modern as other famous cities in the world such as Singapore or Japan. MRT project goal is to provide an alternative public transport for the people of Jakarta. 

Now, the project has achieved a lot of progress, so that by the end of 2017 or in mid-2018 population of Jakarta, as well as foreign and domestic tourists will enjoy the MRT trains, faster and free from the problem of street jams and hot weather. 

Are you ready "Enjoy Jakarta" with a new MRT?

Canon EOS 760D vs Nikon D7100

A new comparison, Canon EOS 760D (T6S) vs Nikon D7100.
Canon vs Nikon, Canon DSLR, Nikon DSLR, professional photographer, Canon EOS 760D vs Nikon D7100, New DSLR camera, camera review
Canon EOS 760D vs Nikon D7100. Image:
Whether you are a professional photographer or a new one? Choosing a new digital camera, especially DSLR cameras sometimes is a little confusing, especially for novice photographers. There are so many choices sophisticated DSLR cameras from a variety of well-known brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, even Sigma or Samsung. In addition, you will also get attractive temptation of camera Micro Four Thirds (MFT) or DSLM camera (Digital Single Lens Mirrorless), where you can change lenses when you need it, according to the needs of photography.

We know, your professional cameras usually have to pay a heavy price, but now you can choose a DSLR camera at an affordable price, for example, the Canon EOS 760D or Nikon D7100 and the sequel series, now or in the future. On this occasion, let us watch this video, so you can compare the EOS760D (T6S) T6S vs Nikon D7100.


Javanese gamelan, the beauty of a traditional music orchestra from Java

Gamelan Jawa, Javanese music, Traditional music, music therapy, music video, classical music, Javanese art
Javanese Gamelan instruments. Image:
Are you already bored with modern music such as rap music, rock, jazz and other types of modern music? Perhaps you need a more quiet music, which can give you feeling relaxed, peaceful and comfortable. 

Let's watch a video demonstrating a traditional Javanese orchestra, the Gamelan - a classical music composition from Java, Indonesia.

Tari Baris Gede, a beautiful sacred dance of Bali

Tari Baris Gede, Balinese dance, Sacred dance, holiday in Bali, Gong Kebyar, Gong Gede, Balinese arts, Hindu Bali, Pura
                                        Tari Baris Gede. Image:

Bali, a tropical island paradise which you should be sure to visit in the near future. The beauty of this island is very famous all over the world. Bali has a natural beauty, incredible sunsets, exotic beaches, wonderful art and culture, and a variety of other unique dazzling, which perhaps can not be found in other parts of the world.

In addition to exotic beaches, scenic mountains and friendly people, then you will see the beauty of the art of music, sculpture, architecture and dance of Bali, which is so amazing. Let's watch this beautiful video now.

Tari Baris Gede is a very unique sacred dance. If you had the opportunity to be a tourist or on their honeymoon on this beautiful island, you can see dance as in this video, which is a sacred dance performed only on a Balinese Hindu rituals. You can also see other Balinese dance, which was specially created for entertainment, both for the people of Bali, and of course for the tourists from all over the world.

Overview of the Tari Baris Gede, perhaps you need to know before you watch this video, is as follows:

Jovan the Piano Boy plays a classical music composition

Beethoven, classical music, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jovan the piano boy, music video, Piano concert, play piano, Mozart
Piano concert. Image:
Classical music is always fascinating to be heard or seen in a majestic concert or at a small concert in the home, which is played by a woman, even by children who have artistic talent. In this video you will see a child from Indonesia, Jovan - played classical piano so beautifully.

Do you know the title of classic composition that is played beautifully by a gifted child, who soon will enter junior high school, Jovan - The Piano Boy?

Is the musical composition that you see in this video is a masterpiece of Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Johann Sebastian Bach or Chopin?