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Poda, beautiful Batak song. A meaningful message from father to son

As well as Bali, Java or Minangkabau, which has a tradition of a unique and wonderful art of Indonesian cultural diversity, which is so rich with sculpture, dance, and music, then you will find the art of singing in various regions of Indonesia.  Similarly, indigenous peoples Batak, which is located in North Sumatra. They have a very strong tradition, for example in customs related to family, marriage, relationships between villages, social order, inheritance, and of course in the field of culture such as dance Batak and songs from Batak, which will make you amazed. Beautiful Toba Lake, Sumatera. Image: Batak songs are generally well suited to be displayed at a family party, or wedding parties and other traditional events. They are very good at creating beautiful lyrics, entertaining, but there is always a certain meaning, for example, advice from parents to their children.  There is a famous Batak song, titled Poda. This song is about a father

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