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Reog Ponorogo an attractive dance in Indonesia

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Reog Dance of Ponorogo. Image:
Reog dance is a unique dance and was amazing. Reog is one of the artistic culture that originated from East Java, Indonesia, precisely in the northwest and Ponorogo regarded as hometown of Reog.  This dance is also decorated with traditional Javanese musical accompaniment very exciting, agile, and can make you want to join the dancers. Are you ready to rock? 

Ponorogo city gates decorated by Warok and Gemblak figure, two figures who have appeared at the time reog displayed. Reog is one of the local culture in Indonesia is still very thick with things that are mystical and powerful mysticism. 

This beautiful dance has also been claimed by Malaysia as their original art, and of course protested by the people of Indonesia.

If you are on vacation to the island of Java, then you can watch traditional dances, and also visited various sites and beautiful places in Indonesia. 

Let's watch this unique video now.