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Ngaben ceremony, a Hindu cremation ritual in Bali. A journey into the next life

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Ngaben ceremony in Bali. Image:
Something that is certain in life is death. If you believe, then you have signed a contract with the Creator, God Almighty, which has determined the date and time of your death. It's just that you never know when the crucial moment it will happen, and you also do not know how you are going to leave this world.

For Hindus in Bali, a person's death is not the end of a person's life, because you will continue the journey to the next life. If you have never sinned, or perhaps a virtue you, and virtue (Dharma) you, more than sin (adharma) you all your life, then you will meet God the Merciful in Swarga Loka (Heaven), even you will united with God.

However, you were also believe, that you are never infallible, even you must have committed a sin, no matter how small your sins, you surely never committed a sin. That's why the family left behind by the deceased person, if you are a Hindu in Bali, then your offspring, or your family will host an important ceremony, a ritual called Ngaben or Pelebon.

In this video you will see when the cremation is done as part of a Ngaben ceremony in Bali. I hope you are inspired, that death is not the end of your life, but the beginning of a journey to the next life into a beautiful paradise.