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Barongsai, fantastic Lion Dance performances in Jakarta, Indonesia

Chinese New Year celebration is a good time to watch the traditional Chinese dances like Barongsai or Lion Dance. Barongsai is a traditional dance by using gloves that resemble lions. Barongsai has a history of thousands of years. 

Based on the traditional belief of Chinese society, the lion is a symbol of courage, stability, and excellence. Traditional dance costume resembling lions also referred to as lion dance.
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Barongsai perforemances in Jakarta. Image:
Barongsai dance became popular in the South-North Dynasty, during the Nan Bei Dynasty era, circa 420-589 AD. At that time the army of the king of Song Wen Di overwhelmed by the assault troops of the elephant king Fan Yang Lin Yi country. A warlord named Zhong Que create derivative stuffed lion king Fan troops to repel it. It turns out that successful efforts to end the legendary lion dance until now.

That said, the lion dance performed to drive away evil spirits. Monsters, ghosts, demons like Nian (monster) frightened by loud noises. Barongsai not only can you see in China alone, now this dance you can watch almost all over the world, especially in the area of immigrants from China or in China town. You can also see this unique dance in Indonesia.

This beautiful dance is not only performed at the celebration of Chinese New Year or Imlek, but also for other activities such as the inauguration of hotels, malls, cultural attractions, and even performed in the way as you can see in this video.

Generally, there are two types of Lion, the Lion of the North and South Lion. North lion maned curls and quadrupeds. Northern Lion looks more natural and more like lions. Meanwhile, South Lions have scales as well as the number of legs varies between two or four legs. South lion's head is also equipped with a horn.

In doing game Barongsai, needed flair and dexterity that would be from the results of regular practice and perceptive in recognizing the field or arena play, because the game Barongsai must be carried out in all fields, or arena, or even in the field and is also in place which covers very minimalist.

In today's development Barongsai many types of attractions are combined with martial arts or Wushu, and make movements made into a beautiful and harmonious with the music sounds from musical instruments Barongsai. Even then, the game is actually harmony also be obtained from the results of the exercise are serious and discipline as well as introduction about Chinese culture in general.

There are many native Indonesia who studied Barongsai, and they danced together with the Chinese. This is a good tradition of mutual understanding between ethnic groups in Indonesia. Perhaps you will find this new tradition in your city. Mutual study and understand the culture, language, art or dance of other nations is a wonderful culture to facilitate interaction between nations, so that the world becomes a better place.

Video by Komang Setiabudi


The beauty of traditional Chinese music played by harp

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Chinese traditional music played by harp. Image:
It is true that traditional music has many fans did not like modern music, but you will find a unique beauty to the ancient traditional arts of various tribes or nations in the world. 

You will admire the traditional music of Bali, India, Java, native in Europe or America, Africa, Australia and so on. On this occasion, you can watch the beauty of Chinese classical or traditional music, played by Joanne. She plays a Chinese classic songs with an original harp from China. Let's watch this video together.

                                   Joanne played Chinese traditional harp.

Have you got a new inspiration from the music played by Joanne? She is a traditional Chinese and professional harpist in Jakarta, Indonesia. I recorded this video on a wedding party in Jakarta. There are a lot of people fascinated by the way Joanne playing the harp. Of course, the Chinese classic song being played is also very beautiful, as you see the beauty of Joanne, the sweet girl with the harp.

As with other soft music, if you listen to music in the YouTube video, then you can make it as a therapy that will make you more calm, comfortable. Music like this can be used as the music of lullaby. Hopefully, this video can make you happy, and reduce your stress a little bit today.