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Viral Video of Flashmob Ahok Djarot campaign

Real viral video. Wow. Amazing Flashmob of Ahok Djarot Campaign Video Shooting at Citos, Jakarta by Sys NS collaborating with famous artists and loyal supporters of Ahok Djarot. Let's HIP HIP HURA. Please watch & share

This video is dedicated to Djarot Ahok campaign, candidates for governor and vice governor of Jakarta for the elections in 2017. Are you ready to vote for a new Jakarta? This video will be streamed viral on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. This video will be the greatest viral video in Indonesia.
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Ahok Djarot video shooting at Citos, Jakarta. Image:
Are you a campaign manager for a candidate for governor or president of your country? You can make this flashmob video as inspiration, so that the candidate you will get new voters. You can reach voters has not decided to choose one of any candidate.

Flashmob in this video could also be an inspiration for the campaign of high-tech products such as smartphones, laptops, television UHD, can even promote other products, so that you can reach the market more quickly than a normal campaign. 

Let's watch this video. If you like, remember to share to all my friends and family are certainly scattered in various social media.