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Funny video about a dog that is in love

You know pets like dogs can entertain you. They are unique and behavior that sometimes make you laugh, even when they are in love. There shag season among animals, as well as dogs. If you are a dog owner, you know when your dog is in love. You may be worried if your dog does not get that handsome or beautiful mate.

Funny dog. Image:
 If you want to have puppies are cute and adorable, you naturally crave your dog in order to get a cool mate. In this video you will see a rarity, and you will laugh, at least you will smile and wonder why the female dog in this love scene wanted to try something different. Is it possible for the female dog is still innocent? Perhaps he did not know how to make love?

Instead of confusion, let us look at this funny video, and maybe you have not seen before.

The events in this video is not only funny, but also very weird and rare.


Topeng Monyet a real street monkey dance in Jakarta

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Topeng Monyet in Jakarta. Image:
Tari Topeng Monyet or Monkey Masked Dance is a very popular street dance in Jakarta, Indonesia, although it's very rare these days to be able to be found. This happens because there is a ban on the Jakarta Government to exploit the monkeys to be "singers". The aim is to protect monkeys from commercial action detrimental to the welfare and happiness of monkeys. Let's watch this documentary video. 

This ban occurred since Jokowi become governor of Jakarta, Jokowi and now is president of Indonesia. Ahok has replaced Jokowi as governor, but the monkey mask dance was forbidden to be shown in the streets of Jakarta. Perhaps you can still see this dance in other areas such as Bekasi or Tangerang, which is not far from Jakarta.