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Special massage services at a barbershop in Jakarta

Welcome to barbershop in Jakarta. Image: There are many men in this world who prefer to shave their hair in a barbershop rather than to the beauty salon. They feel more manly if shave the hair on the "proper place", and it is a barbershop. They will get services more typical, especially for men, where they not only cut their hair in order to look neat and cool. Apparently, customers in a barbershop in Jakarta will get special services, where they received a special massage after completion of their hair cut. Wonder if they are addicted to a massage if they want to shave or smoothing their mustaches and beards. You can watch how good massage performed by barbers, as you can see in this video. Is there any special massage service in your city like in Jakarta? 

Progress of Jakarta MRT project

Jakarta MRT. Image: Jakarta will soon have an MRT (Mass Rapid Transportation) modern as other famous cities in the world such as Singapore or Japan. MRT project goal is to provide an alternative public transport for the people of Jakarta.  Now, the project has achieved a lot of progress, so that by the end of 2017 or in mid-2018 population of Jakarta, as well as foreign and domestic tourists will enjoy the MRT trains, faster and free from the problem of street jams and hot weather.  Are you ready "Enjoy Jakarta" with a new MRT?

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