Tari Baris Gede, a beautiful sacred dance of Bali


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Bali, a tropical island paradise which you should be sure to visit in the near future. The beauty of this island is very famous all over the world. Bali has a natural beauty, incredible sunsets, exotic beaches, wonderful art and culture, and a variety of other unique dazzling, which perhaps can not be found in other parts of the world.

In addition to exotic beaches, scenic mountains and friendly people, then you will see the beauty of the art of music, sculpture, architecture and dance of Bali, which is so amazing. Let's watch this beautiful video now.

Tari Baris Gede is a very unique sacred dance. If you had the opportunity to be a tourist or on their honeymoon on this beautiful island, you can see dance as in this video, which is a sacred dance performed only on a Balinese Hindu rituals. You can also see other Balinese dance, which was specially created for entertainment, both for the people of Bali, and of course for the tourists from all over the world.

Overview of the Tari Baris Gede, perhaps you need to know before you watch this video, is as follows:

Tari Baris Gede or line dance is a dance performance depicting dexterity troops. As a ceremonial dance, as the name suggests "Lines" is derived from the word that can be interpreted bebaris troops then this dance depicts dexterity forces soldiers. This dance is a group dance performed by men, usually danced by 8 to more than 40 dancers with energetic movement is quite sturdy, straightforward and dynamic, with the accompaniment of Gong Kebyar, and Gong Gede.

There are several types of Baris Gede Dance in Bali, where every on every type of dance, the group of dancers carried weapons such as spears, ceremonial and costumes with different colors, which later became the name of the types of existing Line dance. You can see this unique dance on Piodalan, the ceremony to celebrate the birthday of a Hindu temple, especially in Bali, and in other areas in Indonesia or overseas where there is a community of Bali, for example, in Jakarta or Belgium.

In this video you watch Tari Baris Gede Dance recorded during a ritual or Piodalan ceremony in Amarta Pura Jati, in Cinere, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia, where in the city there have been many Balinese community. They will always bring the traditions, art and culture based on tradition, religion and philosophy of Hindu Bali. 

Holiday in Bali, of course you will see a genuine Balinese dance, as well as various branches of art and traditions of Bali, which is so unique and fascinating. Bali, is the dream of millions of people around the world for a real vacation.

If you have a plan for a vacation, make sure your vacation to Bali in the near future with the people you love, and discover the beauty of the Last Paradise.

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