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Jakarta will soon have an MRT (Mass Rapid Transportation) modern as other famous cities in the world such as Singapore or Japan. MRT project goal is to provide an alternative public transport for the people of Jakarta. 

Now, the project has achieved a lot of progress, so that by the end of 2017 or in mid-2018 population of Jakarta, as well as foreign and domestic tourists will enjoy the MRT trains, faster and free from the problem of street jams and hot weather. 

Are you ready "Enjoy Jakarta" with a new MRT?

Of course, the MRT will be more comfortable and can make you more relaxed before arriving at your destination. Thanks to the MRT, you no longer need to use your own vehicle. You could sell it or you just use to weekends only.

For the initial stage, the MRT will be started from the Main Station in Lebak Bulus, until at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout legendary. The project will be integrated with other transport modes such as LRT (Light Rail Transportation), Busway, even a monorail. 

Hopefully, with the sophistication of MRT, the Jakarta could overcome the problem of public transportation, and of course the problem of bad roads have become the burden of Jakarta as a metropolitan city. The pressure of living commuters and people in Jakarta and surrounding areas will also be on the wane, at least they can sleep in the MRT train when they go to work or when they come home from work, so that the quality of human life will be healthier Jakarta, body and soul.

If you are a resident of Jakarta, are you ready to change the mode of transport from private vehicles to the MRT train, which is definitely more comfortable without having to worry again with a traffic jam. Thanks to the MRT, you as a Jakarta resident you will be proud of the capital of Indonesia already has a sophisticated and modern means of transportation, as well as other well-known cities in the world.

Enjoy Jakarta. Are you ready?

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